I’m quoting a online discussion in another forum about Christmas, since I found it pretty interesting. Some say: “It’s all bout Jesus that’s why it’s called Christmas”. But then we have to consider that hhe Roman Catholic Church didn’t settle on a date until well into the 4th century. Most countries had some other form of celebration well before that at the same time period and the date for the Christ Mass was a topic of hot debate for along time since many historians think that he was actually born in the autumn. Christian celebrations as most know them today in the US is an amalgamation of several non-Christian celebrations. This was actually done quite deliberately by the RC Church to displace such “pagan” celebrations with a central, well controlled theme.

As a side note, the Puritans banned Christmas in the mid-1600’s and that ban held for more than 22 years. Around the Boston area Christmas wasn’t fashionable again and generally celebrated until into the 1800’s.

Interesting factoid: The U.S.
didn’t have an official Christmas holiday until 1870. Up until then
Congress met on every working Christmas day. In fact, there were really
only 3 official holidays and they were Independence Day, Thanksgiving
and training day (militia).

Here’s another interesting reading on the matter: How to celebrate Yule with a Pagan Family