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Ministry Yule Blog - est. 2008

Ministry of Art & Jump has operated the "Ministry News Blog" since 2005 in it's present form. On that blog several references has been made to Christmas.

In the future this will be the place that collects all such ranting in one spot instead of risking to drown in the roar of the Ministry.

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Miscellaneous Posted on Tue, March 04, 2014 10:08:00

Don’t forget to remember it’s only ten months to go until Christmas! Be prepared! Make a list.. Do some scouting.

Julmat är ju LCHF!

Miscellaneous Posted on Thu, February 06, 2014 18:33:43

Goda nyheter! Som kanske inte alla tänker på så är julmat LCHF! Nästan allt på julbordet är med andra ord nyttigt! Kött OK, ägg OK, kål, helt OK. Sill, lax, ål också OK. Rödbetssallad, OK. Nästan allt på julbordet är OK!

Se till att steka i riktigt smör! Skippa brödet och potatis (Janssons). Iofs kan man ju synda liiite och ta en liten klick Jansson. Det hör ju liksom till… Sen bör man förstås hoppa över Julmusten också. Och julölen. Vatten är gott att dricka till!

Ha ett riktigt LCHF julbord! Och det bästa är att det kan ätas året runt. Det är bara att kalla det för smörgåsbord.

Heading out

Miscellaneous Posted on Mon, February 03, 2014 15:18:36

We are heading out of Yuletide (some of us hasn’t taken down all the xmas-decorations yet) and towards Easter. For you that hasn’t got rid of the tree yet, you might wanna consider this! Instead of throwing out a perfectly good yule-tree could easily convert it into a Easter-tree! Take down all the traditional decorations and replace them with the Easter-decorations instead! Feathers, eggs, chickens and so on!

It’s that time of the year…

Miscellaneous Posted on Mon, January 27, 2014 12:48:12

Still winter. Or rather now it starts… And it’s getting to be the time when xmas-trinkets has to go back into the box for waiting until the next one. Only 11 months to go and we are good for a new one!


Miscellaneous Posted on Fri, January 17, 2014 01:01:11

Well… I guess we are heading towards brighter times, although we are still to pass the coldest part of the winter. Today snow arrived at the Ministry, at last. The Yuletide feelings are still lingering. The xmas-tree is still inside. The glögg is still being enjoyed.

Jabba the Snow-man. Not at the Ministry.


Miscellaneous Posted on Fri, January 10, 2014 09:42:22

The best about Yuletide is not only the coziness, the food and sweets but also the uninhibited creativeness! 🙂

On top of the ginger-bread house. Who dat man in the chimney?

Still Yuletide!

Miscellaneous Posted on Sun, January 05, 2014 23:35:36

Many of us may believe that the Christmas is over and done with. No. It’s not. There are still pressies that haven’t been delivered. In one case a falsely sorted packaged gift traveled 160 kilometers back and forth since it was in the wrong bag. It is now resting under the X-mas tree and has to wait another week or so for delivery. And as they say in the old Christmas-carol “the yuletide lasts until the fast”. The pine tree’s lamps are still glistening in the living room. The cat’s are still contemplating the little stuff hanging there from the branches. Is it a bird? Is it a mouse? Is it safe to climb that tree when master ain’t lookin’…?

Santas new ride

Miscellaneous Posted on Tue, December 31, 2013 16:02:00

Without the “h”

Miscellaneous Posted on Sun, December 29, 2013 15:28:27

I hope the Yuletide has treated you nice! Some do what they can to brighten your day, some don’t…

Time enough to read

Miscellaneous Posted on Sat, December 28, 2013 14:54:01

During yuletide you might find yourself with time enough to read, and also perhaps even a book as a gift? Go on, kick back, put your feet up and read a bit beside the x-mas tree.

Keep going!

Miscellaneous Posted on Fri, December 27, 2013 14:32:43

GOD JUL, Merry Christmas

Miscellaneous Posted on Tue, December 24, 2013 23:18:38

The King of Sweden is an avid Yule-lover! Hail to the King! And Merry Christmas to y’all, where ever you are.

Waiting and waiting

Miscellaneous Posted on Tue, December 17, 2013 22:52:37

“Are we there yet?”

10 month olds wishlist

Miscellaneous Posted on Fri, December 13, 2013 07:21:36

A wishlister has put it down on paper >>>>>

This list was originally a letter written to Santa by a 10-month old baby, but this has an uncanny resemblance with what my cat could have written…

Santa’s Little Red

Miscellaneous Posted on Wed, December 11, 2013 17:44:09

Santa Brand-book has been uncovered in the files leaked by (now get this) Edward Snow-den (get it?). It’s an awesome and interesting read. Read it in full HERE.


Miscellaneous Posted on Mon, December 02, 2013 20:11:15

Sooner than expected the Yuletide is over us! It’s December, and where did all that precious down-time go? The careful preparation, the “oh-no-sweat-it’s-still-long-time-till-christmas”. Oh my. It’s gone. Better start prepping those packages. It is now days, not weeks and definitely not months till Yule hits your eye like a big pizza-pie! Go forth. Find gifts. Wrap it good! And put some good music on. Be sure to browse the Ministry YuleTube here at the Ministry Yuleblog. 22 days to go! OK, so it’s ample time. 3 weeks. (Yeah, right!). Be advised.


Miscellaneous Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 18:33:34

OK. So now that happened again. All of a sudden time has flown and it’s just two months left till Yuletide! How did that happen? (How does that happen almost every year??) OK. So, where are all the wish-lists? Did I buy anything already? And where did I stash those presents?

If the image appear somewhat dizzy, try polishing your glasses. If it doesn’t help try polishing your eye-balls. If that doesn’t help, or sounds inconvenient, try following (copy/paste) this link and see if that helps:

And yes. The Ministry loves a good flow-chart. This one in particular is priceless.

Santa Roller

Miscellaneous Posted on Sun, June 09, 2013 12:11:17

Sometimes late at night, or in the middle of the day I find myself wondering about what Santa does all year when it’s not Christmas. You too, wondering the same? Here’s a clue!

8 to go

Miscellaneous Posted on Sun, April 28, 2013 12:51:42

Even if it feels a bit distant in springtime we are here to tell you that it is now 8 months left to Christmas. To avoid Yuletide-panic prepare and buy presents all year around. A little tip. Place them in a fashion in your home so that you wonät forget about them and buy double. Also, mark them appropriately to avoid confusion as to which one is whoms come December…

A new one

Miscellaneous Posted on Sun, December 30, 2012 14:07:29

We’re still in that season, but yet there’s a new one around the corner. Santa is still around here and there even if his job is done for this year. Best wishes for the New Year and may it be a good or better one. And if you think you could make better x-mas plans than this year, get started on planning the next one! Merry Yule!

Half way

Miscellaneous Posted on Wed, December 26, 2012 17:36:32

If you remember Nancy Reagan and Mr T nothing has to be explained, if not Google it. I hope everyone got just the right present for x-mas and that everyone had a nice time. And didn’t eat all too much. Just remember to be just as nice and friendly for the rest of the time until next yule-tide. This year was a bit special since a few boneheads said it was not to be. In fact they said the whole world was going to end, and said the Mayans had said so… Three days before Christmas!! That is outrageous and luckily not true! However, when all is said and done and unpacked remember that we are now half way through the darkness.

Alternative tree

Miscellaneous Posted on Tue, December 04, 2012 22:42:22

Got books? No room for tree? Bingo!

One to go…

Miscellaneous Posted on Thu, November 29, 2012 21:47:49

OK, we are officially one month from Christmas. Start packing those gifts!


Miscellaneous Posted on Mon, May 07, 2012 13:09:07

I was going to say 8 month to go, but I missed it! The days just fly by and sooner than we know it, it will only be 7 month to go…

Nine to go

Miscellaneous Posted on Sat, March 24, 2012 23:11:15

So, if Jesus is going to come back this year. He better start swimming now. Oh, I’m sorry. The sanity-chip must have slipped. What I was trying to say is that we are now nine month from the next Christmas! You might as well start thinking about gifts. And if you do and buy them and wrap them. Be sure to put names on them, or you might have forgotten alla about which is which. And also, don’t hide them too good. You need to remember that you bought them and where you stashed them away. Whatever you decide to do, you have nine months to go. 9.
Come summer it’s time to visit the Santa Convention and say hi to Santa and leave him a whish-list.


Miscellaneous Posted on Mon, February 27, 2012 11:29:35

With only 10 months to go to xmas, we share a little Julbord with you from last Christmas and a very X-massy exhibition.

See more:


Miscellaneous Posted on Mon, January 30, 2012 13:58:12

Last week we passed a milestone on the way until the next Yuletide. On January 24 we had eleven months to go until next Christmas. As we write this, another week has passed already. So now, it’s less than 11 months actually. Time flies when having fun – or as we make up other plans… Carpe Diem.

Where’s Santa?

Miscellaneous Posted on Sat, December 24, 2011 21:34:23

Since Santa is going around the world in one night. Don’t you just wonder where he is right this minute? 🙂

In fact NORAD has a web-service for tracking the fat little bearded guys and his reindeers!

As I write this Santa is in Zanzibar, Tanzania and his next scheduled stop is/was Mombasa, Kenya. He’s fast!

Santas new ride…

Miscellaneous Posted on Fri, December 23, 2011 23:14:23

A typical case of “I want one of those”!!! <3


Miscellaneous Posted on Mon, December 19, 2011 11:16:16

It is now officially only five (5) days to go. If you haven’t started your wish-list or bought and gifts, now is a good time to start panicking. You have been warned. Otherwise, remember the most important about X-mas. Carry on and Keep Calm – and have fun.

A somewhat dubious (?) Santa from New York. Keeping an eye on things in the Big Apple.

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